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A mix between doctor who and once upon a time, with a little of friends, harry potter and orphan black. (more tv shows).

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Doctor Who Fest: Day 8

↳ What is your favourite Doctor Who song/theme music? | I Am the Doctor [x]


Doctor Who Fest: Day 8

↳ What is your favourite Doctor Who song/theme music? | I Am the Doctor [x]

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arzrobins asked: outlaw queen or rumbelle?


Out of ten? Eleven.  

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five episodes |
2.22 ‘straight until the morning’


I wasn’t sure if I should do this but I also feel like I need to. I need to take a break from tumblr and I decided this would be the best time to do it.


I set up this huge queue (well, not huge, but you can’t add more than 300 posts, so…) so hopefully, most of you won’t even notice that I’m not here. 

I really don’t know when I’ll be coming back. Probably before my queue ends up. I was thinking in August 22 or 23, when DW comes back. 

I don’t intend to be checking my inbox either. I need a full break. So if you want to talk to me, ask my skype or email or snapchap and when I see it, I’ll send it to you! 

So this is it. See you guys next month.

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When I first met the Doctor— a long long time ago—he knew all about me. Think about that. Impressionable young girl and suddenly this man just drops out of the sky. He's clever and mad and wonderful and... and knows every last thing about her. Imagine what that does to a girl.

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Hook: How come Elsa gets to be hot in her movie and I don't?

Emma: Excuse me?

Hook: You heard me. How come she gets the sexy dress and I get the stupid mustache?

Emma: Seriously? She's trying to kill us all and that's you're reaction?

Hook: Have you seen that dress?!?

Emma: Hook, I say this with all the sincerity in the world.

Hook: Don't.

Emma: You really need to--

Hook: Stop.

Emma: Let--

Hook: Swan.

Emma: It--

Hook: No.

Emma: Go.

Hook: I hate you.

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JMo and Colin in the Hug that Killed a Thousand CS Fangirls: The angle in which we see Colin’s Stupid Dumb Adorable Puppy Face As He Leans On (the fourth gif kills me)  [x]